Monday, October 22, 2007

More bisexuality is safer sex?

When Steven Landsburg spoke at GMU a couple weeks ago on his book More Sex Is Safer Sex, I bounced an idea off him. His premise is that, if more sexually conservative people had sex, there would be less disease spread. In terms of basic probability he's right, though there doesn't seem much we can do in terms of public policy to correct this, and it ignores a few other comlicating factors like disease mutation. Anyway, I bounced this idea off him and he liked it:

We know that, as far as deadly STDs go, lesbians have it made. They have the lowest incidence of disease transferrence of any sexual category, save maybe those who classify as asexual. We may have few public policy prescriptions for encouraging sexual conservatives to engage in more casual sex, but maybe it would be better to encourage more borderline or bisexual lesbians to engage in more heterosexual sex. They're already socially liberal, and (disease-depending of course) they have a lower chance of spreading it to any future lesbian partners. I still can't come up with a decent policy prescription, but hey, it's a thought. Read more.

Marx was a troll

Now if I wished to refute all such objections in advance, I should spoil the whole dialectical method of exposition. On the contrary, the good thing about this method is that it is constantly setting traps for those fellows which will provoke them into an untimely display of their idiocy.

And the internet was never the same again. Read more.